It`s done!!

It`s finally done! After hours and hours of walking, waiting, editing, rendering, uploading… I know that it`s not perfect yet. But as I want to improve and get better, please help me!

For best results watch it on 4k if possible!

It`s getting done!


During the last processing steps… Which almost made me desperate because in the beginning nothing worked as I wanted it to be. But, as usual and everywhere, it`s hard in the beginning.

Just about rendering the first test file. I guess it might be done soon!

Let the real work begin!


Okay guys, I’m just taking the last 2 3 sequences for the movie. Gotta render them and another one and after that I ‘only’ got to cut them together. And yeah, I have to admit that I’m really afraid of that. Up to now I guess I spent about 20 – 30 hours just in taking photos and rendering. And there might be another 15 to finish the editing and cutting…

But yeah, it might be done until Sunday – stay tuned!!

The Flow – Mow


Here you see the Flow – Mow, I already told you about. As you might notice it works like an egg timer – you put the camera on, get the location you want to capture last and turn it around. You can’t do wrong, because everything is written on it like for how long it’s running when you turn it 90 degrees.

You got nothing to do but stand, sit, wait and look after your camera. You even can do some blog posts…

The Flow – Mow is absolutely waterproof, as it does not contain any electrical parts.

I just can recommend it to everyone who wants to do time lapse with turns up to 360 degrees.

This is not any kinf of commercial, just a recommendation. If you want to buy one, you can order it right here.

Another thing I just noticed a few minutes ago… It’s getting to an end when you put on a 5D Mark II and the Canon 20 mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. It’s almost too heavy for it, so it might stop after a while. In this sequence it did after about 1 hr… But with this knowledge you still can do 90 – 180 degree turns.
Just telling you to make sure you won’t blame me like “Oh, you recommended it but I can’t use it with my 1Dx and the 70 – 200 f/2.8!!”

Special places to be


Just arrived at a great place with a beautiful view, called Walhalla memorial. It’s some kind of “Hall of Fame” for politicians, scientists, artists and more which was built from 1830 to 1842 by King Ludwig I. Under the supervision of architect Leo von Klenze.

(Source: Wikipedia)




I purchased on LRTimelapse 3 and just rendered last Sunday`s sequence. I have to admit that the workflow still is a bit… Well, you got to get used to it. But as you can edit an unlimited amount of photos it makes it pretty easy again. Before, when I still used the free version I just was able to edit and render 400 photos at once and then maybe another few, which means that they might be cut together again in any movie cut program…

Also, in the purchased version, you can output the video up to a 4k file – better resolution, better colors etc.


Aaaaaaand, last but not least, last week I got an additional “toy”, called flow mow. It kinda works like an egg timer. You put your camera on it, turn it into the preferred position (it`s even shown how long it turns). So, in the coming sequences I`ll even have some movement.


I`m really excited about the final result and your feedback. Maybe I got it done until coming weekend!

Another day, another sequence


Today I actually wanted to go to some kind of festival with carousels and stuff but it was too crowded and I didn’t find a good angle to get a proper sequence. So, as I decided to walk around for a while I found this place which I found previously but from a different position. I’m standing higher then before and it’s a bit windier.
Guess that could become some real cool stuff!
…but I wished so bad that I could effort a 800,- € slider to get more dynamic into this thing.



Gosh! I’m just taking the second sequence of the time lapse video… Another 50 minutes standing, walking, sitting and waiting. And another time people look at me in a weird way.

If they just knew about the final result…

Spending time


Just having a day off and went out pretty early to do some time lapse stuff. At the moment it’s the 5th sequence of 6.
I set the interval on 5 seconds between each picture. In the end I have about 600 photos for 20 seconds of the final result at 30 fps.

All I can say up to now is that you have to be veeeeeery patient and be able to stand people looking at you in a really weird way, why you spend about 45 mins at the same place, having your camera on a tripod, not moving at all and just let it go.

But as I’m really excited what the result looks like, I think that it’s worth it.