Just another sunny Sunday?


There haven’t been many lazy Sundays during the last few months, that’s why it became pretty quiet on my blog.

Organizing a two events, organizing my vacation, taking pictures on my uncles wedding…

Hopefully it will become better again at the end of the year…

Until then have a great and stressles time!

Nothing to see. Nothing to hear. Nothing to say.

Many of us act like the one of the three monkeys. But not always it`s a bad habit or meant in a mean way. Just because you don`t have anything to say doesn`t mean that you don`t have an opinion. Just because you look away doesn`t mean that you don`t care about nothing. And just because you shut your ears sometimes doesn`t mean that you wouldn`t listen to other people.

But for today let me tell you – have a great start into the new week! Hope you didn`t catch a flu just like I did…


You see this seagull, flying around, free, peaceful and you wish to be able to do the same. Get away from your job, you maybe don`t like, from your neighbours that are kind of idiots or just break out of this planning and tough scheduled world.

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Peaceful days from the past

A few days ago I went out in the morning to take some test shots for double exposures, to test my new 40mm pancake lens and to enjoy the beautiful and sunny day.

I took the car, went outside the city and parked right next to an interstate. Morning traffic, some trucks, even military vehicles passed by. It was so loud, crowdy and everything else but nice.

After crossing the road I got into an actually just pretty small and not really deep forest but as soon as I passed the small way that went through the forest it became so quiet around me – almost peaceful. You could hear the birds tweeting, not the mobile phones. You heard the wind, you felt it on your face and you felt good although it was freezing cold.

Far back you heard a car from time to time but all in all it was a really great time I spent in this little forest about 200m besides a highly frequented road. I think if you`d spend just one hour per week at such a place you calm down so easily and free your head of unnecessary problems that aren`t even worth to think about…

Whenever a bird pooped on your shoulder be happy – because cows cannot fly…

Last Sunday I was out in a little Cafè. Sunny day, warm but also a bit windy. Enjoying the day, enjoying the life.

We should do that much more often. Small things in life can brighten up your day so much. Just sitting here, drinking a raspberry-mango smoothie, selfmade of course. Tasty, great.

Take a walk, go out. Get the shirt you are looking at everytime you pass the store. Get something special for dinner. Travel to any city you wanted to visit all the time. Whatever it takes, try to make yourself happy everyday. You might reach 90 years – means you still got many days left.

But don`t be selfish and forget about other people – fate can be cruel 😉

Always remember, so it won`t happen again…

Okay guys, today I got a bit more serious topic… Yesterday I went to the former concentration camp Dachau, which is and really should be a memorial in today`s times.

Before you click away now, thinking “Oh my, not again this stuff…”, let me tell you that this won`t be some kind of report about the camp itself but about me. About what I felt going through the gate. About what I felt walking through the barracks. About what I felt walking across the memorial ground. And last but not least about what I felt when I saw all the people.

At the end I will add some photos, let them speak for themselves and please, always keep in your mind that this is not an admission of being guilty but a memory to never let this happen again! (Sadly I rather add this part as too many people out there still think in a weird way…)

First of all, I didnt`t expect it to be so much overwhelming – somehow in a bad way. When you see the station where the trains stopped, when you see the huge gate building and when you see the gate itself. You see people posing in front of it. Being photographed with it. With the phrase “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work will make you free”).

After passing this massive iron gate you are on the main place of the memorial. Straight ahead you see the big wall with a small gate, barbed wire and a watchtower. On your left side two barracks and on the right side the main building and a memorial wall. You walk over this place and you see many visitors. The place still isn`t filled at all. You get a clue of how many people must have been imprisoned there. Waiting everyday for the end of the cruelty. You almost can feel it, knowing about the old photos that were taken.

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You see people having fun, sitting on the meadows, smoking. Like being in a park. You see that they enjoy a hot and sunny day. But you also almost can hear the silence. They are talking quietly. Reverence.

Walking through the barracks. Seeing the dorms, if you can call them like that. Wooden bunk beds. One bed placed on the other and a third on top. You look out of the window and see the fundaments of the other barracks. You see the wall. The barbed wire. Again. You can feel how it must have been being there as a prisoner. Feel but not comprehend.

I left the memorial with a head full of thoughts. It was a very bad and a very dark chapter not only in the history of Germany but in the history of the whole world. Never forget about what humans did to other humans. It still happens today. Maybe not in that extent but it happens everywhere.

What about you?

I just found this video on my Facebook timeline and it made me some kind of happy that she has such friends who make everything for her, who even go beyond this point of pride and are as brave as Gerdi.

The video is about Gerdi McKenna, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her friends don`t hesistate and organize a photo shoot for and with Gerdi to show her that they will stay with her, whatever it takes. Just watch yourself…

Also ask yourself if you would have done the same for any friend of yours. Because no matter who you are, no matter where you go, at some point you need somebody to stand by you!

Guardian Angel…


Today I found this little memorial beside some kind of country road. As far as I know, this deadly accident happened after a guy made a turn on this road and another driver didn`t see him immediately…

As I saw ways too many stupid and dangerous drivers and even got into such situations ways too often, I think that it`s unnecessary to set such memorials. People shouldn`t die in a car accident just because someone else doesn`t get fast enough from point “A” to point “B”. Because someone couldn`t be patient. Because someone has to prove to somebody else that he got some big car but small… You know what. Because somebody is stressed by work, by his family or anything else.

If not everyone would be so greedy for his own life, the world could be much easier and more pleasant – even for the stressed people. Not necessarily on the road but also… Or mainly… in daily life. I know that it`s almost pathetic to think something like that, maybe it`s even blue-eyed. But you really don`t lose anything if you give a little bit back to the people. Not even respect from someone else!

Was that something that you`d call Winter?


Okay, I`m really tired of this Winter… At the moment we have about 8-10 degrees Celsius, sun and partly some clouds, sometimes grey ones.

And this weather changes ways too quick to consider it as normal. Since Monday we had about 2 days of great sunshine, one day rainy, sun again, one more time rain and today we don`t know what it`s going to become… Will it rain? Will the sun keeps shining? For me, that all is anything except a real Winter.

Human society


Ants act just like humans do… Well, partly at least… They have a society, they have a kind of social life, they take care of each other. And – most important – they realised that a big group of people can reach much more then just a single one person. When they defeat their home base, there is an uncountable number of insects who fight against their enemies. And although plenty of them might die, the result is that usually their unborn baby ants are protected.

I think we humans should take positive out of this behaviour and learn from them. In today`s daily life it`s just about “me, me and even more me”… Just experienced it today in our superarket – when I was at the checkout an older couple was in front of me and she placed their trolley already in preparation for another checkout that`s going to be opened. He suddenly shouted to her that she should hurry to get in first… I mean, really!? They were about 70 y.o…. In today`s society it`s just about “who is the biggest tank”. We give that to our children and in 20 years we wonder what happened to them…