Aimless and yet arrived…

Hello seekers out there! It`s time for another entry… Gonna be a quick one, but today I went out for a walk. I didn`t exactly know what I was looking for but after about one and a half hour I finally got THE shot I was confident with.

I loved the mystic mood when there was more and more fog coming up. Slightly melancholic… After taking 2 or 3 shots I knew that I can turn around and leave the place. Coming home, making a cup of tea and doing some editing work and my day was over.

Home is just where your heart is…


I found that one while I was on a walk through our inner part of the city… And somehow it reminded me of this little phrase about where home actually is.

Finding that place might seem so simple like drawing that heart next to a door bell`s button but we all know that it`s not. Sometimes it reminds me of finding your soul mate. You travel through so many places, you meet so many people, you experience so many things, but in the end you still feel lost, lonely and maybe even tired of the search.

But suddenly there is this one day everything changes. You get to a place and you know that you arrived.

That`s something I wish to all of you guys out there!



I know that I called it a nature and macro photography blog, but I just found this photo of my last vacation in the Netherlands.

This statue kinda crossed my way while walking through a quiet part of the city in a small park. I just loved the light on the statue, the kind of desperation it shows but on the other hand also a feeling of being covered and saved. I`m defintely not a religious person but to me it seemed like “Whatever you`ve done, you always may come back to me.”

I think it was one of my best shots of this whole vacation and even though the sharpness is actually not exactly where I wanted it to be, I like it really much. That`s the reason why I wanted to share it with you!

Have a good night, all you crazy people out there!