Ein kleiner Rückblick auf 2014 – auf dass 2015 umso besser wird!

Hier ist ein Auszug:

Eine Cable Car in San Francisco fasst 60 Personen. Dieses Blog wurde in 2014 etwa 490 mal besucht. Eine Cable Car würde etwa 8 Fahrten benötigen um alle Besucher dieses Blogs zu transportieren.

Klicke hier um den vollständigen Bericht zu sehen.

Open your mind for new things!

A really good friend of mine is just opening some kind of online sale for baby stuff like key chains and pacifier chains and such.

When she asked me if I could take the photos of her products I said yes immediately! I`ve never done this before, and it`s really not as easy as it might seem (put the stuff on white background, place some lamps or flashes around and that`s it).

No, I told her from the beginning that I won`t do something like that. I wanted to do something not many people do for their homepages. I went outside. Somewhere into nature. She was pretty sceptical on first sight but then she saw the first photos and we went on, developing this style, changing apertures, trying different styles of colors and so on.

Yesterday I went out again, to take the final photos that will get on her facebook page and also on her website. The pacifier chains were pretty easy to photograph. Put them on an old tree, manage the right settings and here you go!

It might seem boring when you see the set up but actually it was quiet fun. It was a great opportunity to try my new tripod from Manfrotto (it`s the 055 XPro B with macro column) and also my Sigma 50mm f/1.4.

Then it became more difficult when it came to take the photos in a small brook. Many stones in the water and too less space to put all my stuff on.

Looking back it really was a great project and I`d love to so something like this again! Also, I only can recommend to you: Sometimes stuff might seem boring or not worth to do. But it`s always a good thing to try out new things before you judge them!

Family Portrait Project


Shame on me!! I promised you long time ago that I would give you a little review about the extention tubes which I actually bought for macro photography, like bugs and flowers and such stuff…

But as I didn`t have much time to test them enough (honestly? I used them the last time when I showed them to you…) I thought about using them for my family portrait session. I just played around with the smallest of them which has a size of 12mm and the 85mm f/1.8 EF lens from Canon. I also tried the 50mm but you`d have to get ways too close to get a proper head shot photo.

And as you can see, the results are amazing! If you zoom in close into my eye, you can see the window, you can see the small curtain, the camera, my arm and even the strap. It`s not even a L lens. It`s shot on aperture wide open (f/1.8) and it`s sharp like nothing else.

Okay, one disadvantage might be that you have to get really close to your subject. In this case it was about the length of my arm. Could be about 75cm or something like that. Later I tried it with a tripod as well, there you can go a little bit more backwards but as you don`t have an infinity setting, you only can go back up to 80 cm i think, maybe even less.

I also love the lightning through the milky glass window. It had a soft touch, even lightning but also made structure on the skin.

I can tell you – I`m really looking forward to start this project!

Sorry guys!!



I`m really sorry for not posting that much during the last weeks but I`m a bit involved in planning a small project with my family…

It`s going to be awesome and I think I`ll keep you up to date about the book, the preparations and so on. The photo I added is some kind of test shot for the lightning with my flashes. I put one on the left side and one on the right side and used about 1/8th of their power. I also put a softbox on each of them. Final editing was made in lightroom 5 with NikSoftware Analog Efex and text added with Photoshop elements 9.


And hey, I have to say that although I kinda hate it to be photographed… It was pretty much fun to take the testshots!

New toys!!

Today I got some new toys and I thought about making a little review about them. It won`t be that much yet, but I think a detailed review will follow in a few weeks.

So, what I`m talking about is called “Extention Tubes”. You use them for macro photography to be able to get closer to your subject as it`s usually allowed by your lens. They don`t contain glass at all but just extend the distance between your lens and your camera sensor.

For my test shots I used a 50mm f/1.8 lens that usually has a minimal focal length of about 45cm/1.5ft. by using all three of the tubes in a row you get close up to about 5cm/0.16ft. (don`t feel disturbed by the kitchen stuff!)


But it`s not just possible to get closer to your subject, you also get it much much bigger on your sensor. You get much more detail and even cropping your photo is kind of easier.

I took some test shots with the 50mm and a coin. By trying, I found out that you can get closer, but also the exposure time extends pretty much to get the best light for your photo.

I`m gonna add some of the shots to show you the advantages and also the disadvantages of these extention tubes.

BildThat`s how you would see this coin on a fullframe sensor (24mmx36mm) by just using the 50mm lens without anything. Using an aperture of f/16 and ISO 100 I already had to set an exposure time of 4 sec.


Still at f/16 and ISO 100 but adding the 12mm extention tube you can see that I was able to get ways closer to the coin but also had to raise the exposure up to 8 sec.

BildThat`s how you capture the coin on the sensor by using the 20mm tube, f/16, ISO 100 and 13 sec.

BildNow I put on the 30mm tube. As you can see, there is not that much difference between the 20mm and the 36mm, but that also is related to the used lens. The exposure only raised up to 15 sec.

BildFor the last photo of the series I added all three tubes into one. That means the lens was extended up to 68mm from the sensor. That leads us to the biggest disadvantage of the tubes. By raising the distance you need more and more light. For the last photo 30 sec almost weren`t enough at all.

That means you always will need either some kind of flash like an external flashgun or a ringflash to get the best light on your object. If you haven`t any of them I`d recommend you to use at least a tripod and at least the timer mode to avoid camera shakes.

I hope this little review was kind of helpful until now and shows that you don`t necessarily need an expensive macro lens to get great results!