Some kind of delay…


I know there hasn’t been any entry last Sunday and there also won’t be one today.

Sorry for that!

I want to introduce to you an organisation took some photos for today but it’s going to take some time until I got some more photos and stuff.

Stay tuned!


Wishes might come true…

…you just have to catch the right moment.

About 4 to 5 Months ago I decided to take a 2 weeks trip to and through Norway somewhen in September and October. First I wanted to drive all alone to Oslo and from there to the westcoast torwards Stavanger, having no plan where to go and what to see. Now I`m going together with two other people, right up to Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger, back to Oslo – much more to see but all in all something between 4800 and 5000 km.

But hey, it doesn`t matter how long you have to ride as long as it`s going to become a really great and unique trip!! Until then we have to be patient, waiting for another 7 months to go…


Hey you photo people out there!

Today I got an off-topic question… Well, actually it`s not that much off-topic but today I do not have a photo for you…

As I take my photos with a 5D Mark II at the moment and it`s not that much effectively for macros I thought about taking my old Pentax again for macros and the Canon for the other stuff. That would mean that when I don`t use the Canon I could take some videos about what I do and maybe even HOW I do it.

Now the question: Should I do that? Is there someone out there who`s interested into such stuff? Because taking videos is not just about making the video but also about the cut and so on. That means I had to invest lots of time into that but that wouldn`t make sense without any need to do that…

Write your opinion in the comments below and we`ll see how it turns out! 🙂

All the best!


The new laptop arrived and I just have to get into the new system and how to use it, then I will hopefully post more stuff!

Thanks for your understanding!

Sorry folks!

I’m so sorry that I do not post so many photos in here… I have a few really good ones on my hard drive but my new notebook still didn’t arrive.
Today I got the message that it’s already on its way but that might take up to one week…

Until then you have to be patient…

Happy happy new year!

As it’s the silence after the “Big Bang” I wish you a happy and great start into 2014 and a successful year!