Your eyes are the window to your soul…

BildToday, I got something really special for you. It`s a photo that means kind of a lot to me… I know that it might sound weird when I add that it shows my own eye, but somehow I love the crop, the light, the sharpness, maybe even the expression.

I actually took it as a just for fun action to try some shots with my external flash in slave mode in combination with the 50mm 2.8 Macro lens. Maybe I even tried to set the f-stop manually not by the camera but by the f-stop-ring right on the lens.

And surprisingly it only took about 6-9 shots to get the result you see here.

People say that the eyes are some kind of window to a persons soul. I think when you see an eye this huge, this close and with that much detail, you know why this is said.


BildI just went through my very old photos – I think that was made with my very first DSLR, the Pentax K100D, which was a lovely and reliable camera.

Although I know that it`s a bit out of focus, I love the color tone of this photo in combination with the red of the ladybug.

Also, I  like the ladybugs as well. Hopefully I finally be able to take a shot of one of these little guys flying away from my finger. I guess that would be really awesome!

Hangin’ around


For me as a macro photographer, spiders are one of the most fascinating motives you can get. Each of them looks so very different, they have details, even on their legs and they are pretty smart hunters.

If you take a closer look, you can see that it just was about to build some spider web.

Elder in spring


I know it’s not spring yet. But as I see about 5-7 degrees and sunshine outside it somehow feels like. So I decided to share this nice photo with you that I took many years ago some when in spring.

I like those kind of blossoms, they look like a small but working community on a huge tree. Their color kinda shouts “look at me!”.
Hopefully this year will grow more of them again.

The most creepy thing at night…


Do you like those details a cricket has? All the different colors of their body shell, the red stripe on its back, the details of their mouth?

To me it’s pretty fascinating how different those insects are.

I found this cricket in the dark backyard of my grandfather and as it was too dark to see your own hand, I used a ring flash. After 3-4 shots it got tired of all this and flew away. I never heard something more creepy in the dark night!

Who might hate them?


Snails… When they are seen, people are always about to say something like “ewwwww, they are so slimy!”, or “ewwww, look at their eyes!”. But if they would see them in the right light, they would discover the beauty of their shells and how they move.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like slime either, but I also think it’s not fair to say they are ugly just because of that.

Nature’s beauty


Have you ever wondered what’s going on in nature’s small world? Did you ever wonder how insects might look like in detail?