The man in the moon.

I just came back home from my grandma`s birthday party and saw this huge moon. I mean, it was like really huge. And although it already was about 1.30 a.m., I had to grap my camera, put the 400mm lens and the 2x converter on it and just go out. Shoot some photos.

It`s so amazing how much detail you can see. But as I already should be sleeping, I think the man in the moon hides at the dark side and sleeps as well… Guess he used the moon car from the NASA missions to drive back home, as you can`t see it as well…

And yeah, I go to sleep now, too! Just wanted to share it with you.
All you out there – sleep well and have a great night. And in case you just got up – have a wonderful and sunny day!



This is a really special photo which I took on a holiday in the Netherlands. We were sailing on the Ijsselmeer and I think I found a new love… The sea. I always loved the rough winds, the water that`s always in motion, the endless horizon. I think it was one of the best holidays – EVER!