Just another sunny Sunday?


There haven’t been many lazy Sundays during the last few months, that’s why it became pretty quiet on my blog.

Organizing a two events, organizing my vacation, taking pictures on my uncles wedding…

Hopefully it will become better again at the end of the year…

Until then have a great and stressles time!

Nothing to see. Nothing to hear. Nothing to say.

Many of us act like the one of the three monkeys. But not always it`s a bad habit or meant in a mean way. Just because you don`t have anything to say doesn`t mean that you don`t have an opinion. Just because you look away doesn`t mean that you don`t care about nothing. And just because you shut your ears sometimes doesn`t mean that you wouldn`t listen to other people.

But for today let me tell you – have a great start into the new week! Hope you didn`t catch a flu just like I did…

Some kind of delay…


I know there hasn’t been any entry last Sunday and there also won’t be one today.

Sorry for that!

I want to introduce to you an organisation took some photos for today but it’s going to take some time until I got some more photos and stuff.

Stay tuned!

You can`t always get what you want

…according to this Rolling Stones song I want to show you the actual reason why I`m going to Norway in autumn.

Maybe you can`t always get what you want but if you really want it, you still have opportunities to get it!

Watch in 4k to get the best result!

Behind the masquerade

Not everyone seems to be who he pretends to be. People act even they don`t know they just do. They build a nuthsell around them, try to please as many people as they can and are not themselves.

Your friends are smoking? You don`t want to be the one who`s left behind. Your people drink alcohol when they`re going out? You join them. But deep inside you ask yourself if you really want it.

I for myself like to do whatever I want and not because of being forced by society. That`s something what everyone of us should do a bit more often.


You see this seagull, flying around, free, peaceful and you wish to be able to do the same. Get away from your job, you maybe don`t like, from your neighbours that are kind of idiots or just break out of this planning and tough scheduled world.

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Peaceful days from the past

A few days ago I went out in the morning to take some test shots for double exposures, to test my new 40mm pancake lens and to enjoy the beautiful and sunny day.

I took the car, went outside the city and parked right next to an interstate. Morning traffic, some trucks, even military vehicles passed by. It was so loud, crowdy and everything else but nice.

After crossing the road I got into an actually just pretty small and not really deep forest but as soon as I passed the small way that went through the forest it became so quiet around me – almost peaceful. You could hear the birds tweeting, not the mobile phones. You heard the wind, you felt it on your face and you felt good although it was freezing cold.

Far back you heard a car from time to time but all in all it was a really great time I spent in this little forest about 200m besides a highly frequented road. I think if you`d spend just one hour per week at such a place you calm down so easily and free your head of unnecessary problems that aren`t even worth to think about…

Wishes might come true…

…you just have to catch the right moment.

About 4 to 5 Months ago I decided to take a 2 weeks trip to and through Norway somewhen in September and October. First I wanted to drive all alone to Oslo and from there to the westcoast torwards Stavanger, having no plan where to go and what to see. Now I`m going together with two other people, right up to Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger, back to Oslo – much more to see but all in all something between 4800 and 5000 km.

But hey, it doesn`t matter how long you have to ride as long as it`s going to become a really great and unique trip!! Until then we have to be patient, waiting for another 7 months to go…

Ein kleiner Rückblick auf 2014 – auf dass 2015 umso besser wird!

Hier ist ein Auszug:

Eine Cable Car in San Francisco fasst 60 Personen. Dieses Blog wurde in 2014 etwa 490 mal besucht. Eine Cable Car würde etwa 8 Fahrten benötigen um alle Besucher dieses Blogs zu transportieren.

Klicke hier um den vollständigen Bericht zu sehen.

Mele Kalikimaka!

IMG_5114 2-Bearbeitet-2

Mele Kalikimaka! It means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

After almost a full year of blogging I just want to say thanks to all of you out there who shared my texts noone read, my photos noone saw… I`m just kidding!

Honestly, thank you so much for your support and the sharing! It was a great year with lots of great stuff but there`s some even greater stuff planned for next year. Stay tuned 😛

Have a Merry, merry Christmas and a great start into 2015!!